The plot a summary

I translated English from Japanese famous story. What is this story?


Once upon time, there were an old man and a old woman in a certain place. The old man went to a mountain for brushwood-gathering, the old woman went to a river for washing. When she was washing in the river, a big peach came floating down upper part of river. She came to bring the peach in her home.

When she split it for having it, an energetic boy emerged from the big peach. Since they had no children, they were pleased and raised the boy who named Momotaro with care.

Momotaro who grew a lot become to go to Onigashima for staying the ogre. But he started there with hanging Kibi Dango, which was made from kibi(millet flour)by his grandmother, during his journey, a dog, a monkey and a pheasant appeared in turn and wanted to get it. As a condition, he went there together, he distributed it to them, The three of the dog, the monkey and pheasant which became retainers of Momotaro went toward Onigashima by ship.

The ogres were in the middle of having a drinking party in Onigashima, Momotaro and retainers of three who launched a surprise attack were great victory. They brought gathered treasure which ogres commit misdeeds to his village..