Introduction In Russia

Привет. Меня зовт Танкен. Оченъ приятно.

Hi. My name is Tanken. Nice to meet you.

`Злравствуйте. Меня зовт Танкен. Прийтнщ познакомиться.

Hello. My name is Tanken.  It’s pleasure to meet you.

Russian conversation.

Meaning of Tanken  is short sword . Especially, I don’ have  deep meaning to it.  It simply resembles  my name.

proverb   Time is money.時は金なり。


Time is the most precious thing of all.   Nothing is so precious as time.  There is nothing so precious as time.  Nothing is more precious than time.  There is nothing more precious than time. Time is more precious than anything else. 時間ほど貴重なものは何もない。

These  sentences is all the same meaning.