Today there is the live of TrySail which I’m looking forward to seeing. Now I am watching the DVD of TrySail. I’m excited.

proverb : Necessity is the mother of invention.発明は必要の母

Познакомиться – “to get acquainted”

Меня зовут – “I am called”

 Как тебя зовут? -“What’s your name?”

Можно просто  – “It’s okay simply”

Очень приятно – “Very nice”

Introduction In Russia

Привет. Меня зовт Танкен. Оченъ приятно.

Hi. My name is Tanken. Nice to meet you.

`Злравствуйте. Меня зовт Танкен. Прийтнщ познакомиться.

Hello. My name is Tanken.  It’s pleasure to meet you.

Russian conversation.

Meaning of Tanken  is short sword . Especially, I don’ have  deep meaning to it.  It simply resembles  my name.

proverb   Time is money.時は金なり。


Time is the most precious thing of all.   Nothing is so precious as time.  There is nothing so precious as time.  Nothing is more precious than time.  There is nothing more precious than time. Time is more precious than anything else. 時間ほど貴重なものは何もない。

These  sentences is all the same meaning.


April.27,2018  FRYDAY

I have three cats. Names of each are  ree, mai, mei. I often take a picture of ree and mai. Ree is spoiled cat.  The cat always gets on my lap. She is very cute. She is about eighteen years old in humans years. I will take many pictures of her.  

Mai is sometimes to do  actions like human. For example, she looks at a person with a fixed gaze.  When she walked on floor of my house, I can hear her footsteps. And she can’t run fast. she is simply poor motor reflexes. But she is so clever. I like her very much.

Proverb :Adversity is the best school. 逆境は最大の学校である。


Пожалуйста, отвеуайте.

Please answer me.


in school or at school

At school means the person is literally, physically, inside the school.

In school means the person is studying in general (usually at college or university) but not necessarily inside the school building at that moment.


I mistook “in” for “at” today. The sentence which I mistook is “I was playing the horn in school”. In fact, I had to use “at”, instead of “in”. To study  prepositions is very important.  When I memorize prepositions, I need to consider meaning of the prepositions. English is very profound. Although I  enjoy thinking sentences with English.

хорошо: good     Я:  I     не: not

Я люблю тебя! : I love you.

proverb  :   I t is no use crying over spilt milk. 覆水盆に返らず。

このことわざを直訳すると、ミルクを溢したことを嘆いても無駄だ になります。日本のことわざには、事象そのものに注目してすごく簡潔に表しているのに対して、英語の方は、零したその人に注目している感じがします。英語は誰がということにかんり気を使っているのに対して、日本語は省略できるところに違いが出ているのではないかと思います。



I start to learn Russia

I start to learn Russia. I use “RussiaPad101”. I thought that this site is interesting.  I only memorize  Russian letters. I  know little others things of Russia words. I want to  enjoy learning Russia words. I may write learning things on my sites blog.



proverb : Faith will move mountains. 思う念力。、岩をも通す


April.26,2018 (Thursday)

Today I will introduce my liking things. My favorite artist are “Try sail” and “Nogizaka46”. Try sail is composed of three girls , who Amamiya Sora, Asakura Momo and Natsukawa Shina of Music Rain live in Japan. they is very cute. I have become a fan since more five years.  I am going to go to their live on this weekend. I am looking forward  to it.

Nogizaka46 is very famous artist in Japan. To like it is in last two months. I don’t go to their live. I would like to go to their live someday. I’m looking forward to coming to  the day.

today  proverb: “History repeats itself.” 歴史は繰り返す。




April.25,2018 (Wednesday)

be affiliated with~連携する enhance 強める influx 流入する assertive 独断的な

disown 関係を否認する tranquilly 平穏な mock ばかにする deteriorate 悪化させる

Today I was gotten up by noise of raining.  It had been raining since last night.The noise  of dropping rain was too loud so I got up at six. Although the weather is nice now. And I feel hot. I wish it was more cool.

Today I watched a soccer game. The game is Roma vs Livepool. It was excited for me to watch this game. I like watching sports game and playing sports. Especially, I fond of watching  soccer games.

Today a proverb、 What happen twice will happen thrice. 二度あることは三度ある。


覚えられない単語 April.24,2018(Tuesday)

menace  脅威 dismal  陰気な recede 遠ざかる valid  正当な resent  に憤慨する

perish  死ぬ astound  仰天させる scorn  軽蔑 snobbish お高くとまった

24/ 04 / 2018

I cleaned my room with vacuum cleaner in this morning.  I made a clean sweep of  many books. And  these books were sold by me. Because it was obstructive for me to put these on my shelves.  I have left my favorite books.  I feel happy in my room with cleaned. And I will clean next to my room. There are many books in the room. I wish it is sunny tomorrow. Then I will wash my blankets tomorrow.

Writing with English is difficult for me. I searched  a lot of words. And I translated into English from Japanese.

Today this proverb : The early bird catches the worm. 早起きは三文の徳。






Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.