Being friends with co-workers is important. sample answer

I do not think it is important to become close to work colleagues. In fact, there are two big  disadvantages of becoming friends with co-workers.

First, having little professional distance between co-workers can interfere with work because it creates the same kinds of expectations that friends have of each other. Moreover, friends sometimes fight. This could cause problems in the workplace. Of course, keeping good relationships with everyone is important, but becoming friends is something different.

Second, if you spend too much time with your co-workers, it may become difficult to have a complete personal life. It is refreshing and fun to do something away from your workplace. Friends outside of work will help you do that and also open up your life to other possibilities.

For these reasons, I think it is not a good idea to become close friends with our co-workers.

Do you think traveling abroad helps a person grow? sample answer

I think traveling to foreign countries provides valuable experiences that can expand a person’s understanding.

To begin with, traveling provides us with opportunities to meet people from different cultures. We can go to places where we can practice our foreign language skills with native speakers and learn about cultural differences. People have different way of living and thinking as well as different values. Experiencing these things directly can be more meaningful than reading about them at school.

Secondly, when we experience different culture, we can gain some understanding of who we are as Japanese people. We can also realize that many of the values we have are Japanese, and that other people might have different values from us. In this way,we can learn to be more flexible and more international.

For these reasons, I believe that international travel helps us develop into better people.

Agree or disagree: Japan has become too Westernized

Points: Traditions   Globalization   Lifestyle   Borrowing ideas

Japan has not become overly Westernized . Even though has become globalized, which is important today, it still has a very unique culture.

Japan has borrowed from other cultures for many centuries, but Japan is still unique in the world. During the Heian period, Japan borrowed much from China. In the Meiji period, Japan adapted many things from different Western cultures, including education and business systems. Japan makes changes so that they can continue to be Japanese.

The world has become smaller thanks to information technology, faster transportation, and modern media. Information is shared and Japan is eager to learn from other countries, especially Western countries. Globalization is natural and important for Japan’s success.

Japan is necessarily changing through globalization, but it has not become too Westernized. Japan’s culture is still different from other cultures and it is appreciated by other people in the world.    sample

Do you think children have to study during summer vacation? sample


children’s happiness     Length of vacation   Academic competitiveness   Teacher’s workload

In my opinion, children should study during their summer vacation. There are two points that support my opinion.

First, all children need to study hard to keep up with other classmates and remain competitive. If teachers do not give out any homework for the summer, then the children who have other means of studying such as going to cram schools will have a greater advantage.

Second, summer vacation is long enough for both fun activities and for homework. Teachers can make some of the homework activities interesting, with a few that go well  typical  summer activities. For example, students could be asked to write about certain kinds of plants, animals and birds that they can find while hiking in nature.

For these reasons, I believe all students should continue to study and keep their minds active during the weeks of summer.



Should Internet bullying be strictly prohibited? sample answer


information sharing          free speech        impact on victims       self – defense


Internet bullying has become more harmful than ever to children, and needs to do more to stop it.

Victims of Internet bullying are seriously hurt. Many victims are teenagers who are especially sensitive to bullying. Internet  bullying is almost impossible to escape from because once something is posted, it cannot be erased easily. As a result, many victims become psychologically damaged and some even commit suicide.

Today, it has become easy to share harmful information with many people. Personal information, such as names, addresses and schools, is shared and personal photos are altered to make them look humiliating. All of this can be done anonymously,   making bullies free to do such harmful activities.

Young people today are more dependent on the Internet for communication. internet bullying has become easier and more harmful than ever, requiring us to fight it through stronger laws and enforcement.


The plot a summary

I translated English from Japanese famous story. What is this story?


Once upon time, there were an old man and a old woman in a certain place. The old man went to a mountain for brushwood-gathering, the old woman went to a river for washing. When she was washing in the river, a big peach came floating down upper part of river. She came to bring the peach in her home.

When she split it for having it, an energetic boy emerged from the big peach. Since they had no children, they were pleased and raised the boy who named Momotaro with care.

Momotaro who grew a lot become to go to Onigashima for staying the ogre. But he started there with hanging Kibi Dango, which was made from kibi(millet flour)by his grandmother, during his journey, a dog, a monkey and a pheasant appeared in turn and wanted to get it. As a condition, he went there together, he distributed it to them, The three of the dog, the monkey and pheasant which became retainers of Momotaro went toward Onigashima by ship.

The ogres were in the middle of having a drinking party in Onigashima, Momotaro and retainers of three who launched a surprise attack were great victory. They brought gathered treasure which ogres commit misdeeds to his village..

Greeting Russia Memo

Пожалуйста  Please /  You’re welcome

Добрый день /  Good afternoon

Доброе утро /  Good morning

Злравствуйте / Hello [formal]

Добрый вечер /Good evening

Добро пожаловать /  Welcome

Как вас зовут? / What’t your name?

Что нового? / What’ new?

Приятно познакомиься / Nice to meet you

Как дела? / How are you?

А у тебя? / How about yourself?

Today I studied Russian greeting. I can’t memorize these word. I will  practice more speaking and writing.  I would like to talk about conversation fast.


April.30, 2018 Mon Nagoya Congress Center

The Nagoya Congress Center (Nagoya Kokusai Kaigijō) is a multi-purpose convention center, in the city of Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture, Japan.

It has 28 meeting rooms. The amount of exhibition space is 3,625 square metres.

I  went to The Nagoya Congress Center. I had the live of TrySail there. There was the Sforza Monument. This was made from plastic by Japanese research and technology .

Seeing this monument first, I am surprised  the big thing. I didn’t know this big monument. It was so cool. I wondered this is don Quijte, but  it was different.  It’s  General Francesco Sforza. These pictures  was taken by me.