Agree or disagree: Japan has become too Westernized

Points: Traditions   Globalization   Lifestyle   Borrowing ideas

Japan has not become overly Westernized . Even though has become globalized, which is important today, it still has a very unique culture.

Japan has borrowed from other cultures for many centuries, but Japan is still unique in the world. During the Heian period, Japan borrowed much from China. In the Meiji period, Japan adapted many things from different Western cultures, including education and business systems. Japan makes changes so that they can continue to be Japanese.

The world has become smaller thanks to information technology, faster transportation, and modern media. Information is shared and Japan is eager to learn from other countries, especially Western countries. Globalization is natural and important for Japan’s success.

Japan is necessarily changing through globalization, but it has not become too Westernized. Japan’s culture is still different from other cultures and it is appreciated by other people in the world.    sample


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