Should Internet bullying be strictly prohibited? sample answer


information sharing          free speech        impact on victims       self – defense


Internet bullying has become more harmful than ever to children, and needs to do more to stop it.

Victims of Internet bullying are seriously hurt. Many victims are teenagers who are especially sensitive to bullying. Internet  bullying is almost impossible to escape from because once something is posted, it cannot be erased easily. As a result, many victims become psychologically damaged and some even commit suicide.

Today, it has become easy to share harmful information with many people. Personal information, such as names, addresses and schools, is shared and personal photos are altered to make them look humiliating. All of this can be done anonymously,   making bullies free to do such harmful activities.

Young people today are more dependent on the Internet for communication. internet bullying has become easier and more harmful than ever, requiring us to fight it through stronger laws and enforcement.



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