April.25,2018 (Wednesday)

be affiliated with~連携する enhance 強める influx 流入する assertive 独断的な

disown 関係を否認する tranquilly 平穏な mock ばかにする deteriorate 悪化させる

Today I was gotten up by noise of raining.  It had been raining since last night.The noise  of dropping rain was too loud so I got up at six. Although the weather is nice now. And I feel hot. I wish it was more cool.

Today I watched a soccer game. The game is Roma vs Livepool. It was excited for me to watch this game. I like watching sports game and playing sports. Especially, I fond of watching  soccer games.

Today a proverb、 What happen twice will happen thrice. 二度あることは三度ある。




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